In Mongolia, Elections Highlight Glacial Pace of Economic and Foreign Policy Shifts

Jun 27, 2024 | 20:49 GMT

Mongolia is seen on a stock photo of a map.
Mongolia is seen on a stock photo of a map.

(Getty Images)

Mongolia's upcoming parliamentary election will likely result in continued dominance by the country's oldest political party, portending limited progress on economic reforms, tackling corruption, and diversifying trade ties away from Russia and China. On June 28, Mongolia will hold elections for its unicameral legislative body, the State Great Khural. The parliamentary election will be the first held since reforms passed in May 2023 expanded the Khural from 76 to 126 seats and changed electoral procedures from a plurality-at-large system to a mixed system, with the more commonplace first-past-the-post voting for 78 seats representing 13 districts and party-list proportional representation for the remaining 48 seats. The ruling Mongolia People's Party (MPP), which currently controls 60 of the legislature's 76 seats, is seeking to maintain its supermajority against the main opposition Democratic Party (DP) and two dozen smaller parties. Whichever party or parties control parliament will also have the final say over...

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